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So we did a thing... :) We are going to be restaurant business owners!! Woot woot! I still can't believe this is all happening. I will be owning and operating as the Waffle Queen inside my very own Cafe!! The Cafe will be located inside the new Fitness Junky gym in Panama City Beach, FL. I can't say how honored and truly touched I am that Marla and Chad Reid, Owner and Operators of Fitness Junky reached out to me to open this space and pursue my dreams. They saw my vision and love for fitness & nutrition more so than I think I did.

This space has so much potential I can not wait to see where it takes me. I have never owned my own business let alone been much involved in the restaurant industry, not since I was a teenager and was a hostess. I am thrilled to bring my passion for waffles and knowledge of nutrition to teach others that you can be healthy and still eat the foods you love!

My goal is to have this cafe open by February 14, 2018 #ValentinesDay #FallInLoveWithWaffles I have everything submitted that needs to be submitted..... or so I think... and I am waiting to hear back regarding an inspection. I will do everything in my power to make this vision a reality. I have accomplished and done far more than I thought imaginable in this last year and it has ignited a flame under me like no other. I know my mother is looking down on me and would be so proud and that there alone drives me to continue to make her proud. She always wanted to open up a little cafe with either cakes or tea sandwiches. She loved to cook, bake, host. I am so grateful that I have carried on that passion. And even better I will be implementing a healthy approach and share my knowledge of nutrition. I am beyond excited for whats next.

Please follow along on my IG @wafflequeencafe for the most current updates. I have also created a go fund me page to help support the cafe and further help aid in the expenses that come with such a wild dream. Every little bit helps. If you can't donate please share with others. I also have my E-Books for sale if you wish to help in that way. Use code WAFFLEQUEEN to get 25% off any of the E-Books. All sales will be donated to the Waffle Queen Cafe.

Thank you for following my journey!


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