The brownies you don't have to feel guilty about!

I know what your thinking..... black beans in my brownie? Ummm no thanks! I thought the same thing but TRUST ME its delicious and you DO NOT TASTE the beans at all!!! Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Of course you can change the amounts to better fit your needs.

BLACK BEAN BROWNIES 🍫375g black beans (I use low sodium Goya) 🍫180mL Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Cashew Milk 🍫10g Cocoa Powder 🍫45g Honey 🍫2 scoops @PEScience Protein (this one was part frosted chocolate cupcake and part peanut butter cup) 🍫128g (will vary depending on PB used) can also measure as 1/2c OR 8T Peanut Butter of choice (I used a combination of GButter Cookie Dough and two different The Lions Pack nut butters (code SKYFIT it save 💰 on either products) so depending on what you use this will change the macros. You can use less or powdered PB if you want the fat to be lower. BUT the PB seems to make them a more fudgey texture 😊) 🍫1 tsp Baking Powder 🍫46g Egg Beaters/Egg Whites . Blend the cashew milk and beans until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients. #easypeasy Put in a 8x8 inch pan and bake for 25 min. Makes 9 servings. #Macros for one 14c/5f/14p. I however used my brownie magic thingy and it makes 18 servings. Macros for one using this is 7c/2.5f/7p

YEAH ITS PRETTY AMAZING MACROS! ANNNNND they taste even better COLD!!👌🏼They are perfect toppers for waffles, froyo, ice cream or just on their own!! Try them out and experiment with different nut butters and even add in some extra goodies if you like! I OF COURSE topped on a waffle! ;)


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