Nutritional Guidance Package

Nutritional Guidance Package


This is a great package for those who are already active and just need some guidance or structure in the kitchen. It is perfect for anyone seeking an approach to building lifelong dietary habits, providing tools to make healthy eating sustainable for a lifetime. Each plan is personalized based on your needs in terms of structure/flexiblity, food allergies and preferences, as well as your overall goals. It includes a full menu of daily meals to guide those that are not familiar with macronutrient counting. This package is for the individual looking for nutritional guidance help in reaching their health and fitness goals. I can assist you in reaching your goals through small changes in nutritional guidance based off current body composition and ending goals.


I also offer workouts and monthly program design to assist with reaching these goals as an addition to this package. See my "Custome Workout Package".


What's included: 

  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Accountability
  • Cardio Recommendations
  • Nutrient and macro timing, along with meal planning guidelines
  • Changes will be implemented only when need be, otherwise bi-weekly nutritional changes will most likely occur. Nutrition Changes will be made basedoff individual stats/ body composition changes/and when needed.


*Please note that there are risks to exercise and you should be cleared by a physician before beginning any type of program. By purchasing this program you agree to full liability and agree to not hold SKY Fitness & Nutrition, LLC or it's owner responsible for any harm or injury that occurs during or after this program. All participants must sign an electronic waiver before services will begin. 


    I will be in contact within 24 hours.


    No returns or refunds.